cooperative inititatives announced


This page captures the initiatives announced at major climate action events and summits. The grey shading indicates initiatives that have not yet been reported through one the Climate Action Portalís data providers.

The portal helps provide transparency and accountability for new initiatives and facilitates tracking their progress and impact. The first major step in this regard is the requirement that announcements are registered through one of the portalís data providers within a fixed timeframe.

Reporting through a data provider helps ensure the full compliance with the portal requirements, completeness of the information displayed and allows the initiative to be fully recognized within the Climate Action Portal.


  • Land use
  • Oceans and coastal zones
  • Water
  • Human settlements
  • Transport
  • Energy
  • Industry


    Actor type

    • Cities
    • Regions
    • Companies
    • Organizations
    • Investors

    Crosscutting themes

      Types of action


          Cooperative initiatives