The Global Climate Action portal is an online platform where non-Party stakeholders from around the globe - companies, cities, subnational regions, investors and civil society organizations - can display their commitments to act on climate change.

Launched by UN Climate Change, Peru and France in 2014, the portal was born from the realization that addressing climate change will take ambitious, broad-based action by all sectors of society, public and private.

By displaying their ambition and commitments, non-Party stakeholders lent momentum to the negotiations that produced the Paris Climate Change Agreement in December 2015. At the UN Climate Conferences in Marrakesh in 2016 and Bonn in 2017, countries restated their understanding that success on climate change will require still greater ambition on the part of non-state actors.

Therefore, the portal's role as a tracking and reporting tool - one that recognizes existing action and attracts new commitments - was revamped in September 2018 with the aim of making the it more comprehensive and easier to use.

Purpose and aim of the revamped the Global Climate Action portal

The Global Climate Action portal serves a critical function by capturing the breadth and depth of climate action by non-state actors - cities, regions, businesses and investors. Visitors will find that the revamped portal - centered around an interactive map - offers an improved view of the platform's data and enhanced aggregation of climate action, based on constituencies and sectors. The platform will gradually and systematically incorporate new data over time.

The new and improved tool is the product of a unique collaboration between UN Climate Change and its core data partners: CDP, Carbon Climate Registry, Climate Initiative Bonds, the UN Environment's Climate Initiatives Platform, Global Covenant of Mayors, Investors on Climate Change, The Climate Group, and UN Global Compact.

UN Climate Change and its partners have been working tirelessly to harvest and consolidate the climate commitments and actions of non-Party stakeholders. The aim is a clear, comprehensive view of climate action by non-state actors, to recognize commitments and inspire still greater ambition, for the good of current and future generations.

Data providers

Information relating to the commitments reocrded on this website has been provided by our core data partners: CDP, carbonn Climate Registry, The Climate Group, the Investors on Climate Change, the UN Global Compact,the Covenant of Mayors, the Climate Bonds Initiative and the UN Environment's Climate Initiatives Platform.