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Global Climate Action  

At the twenty-first session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 21) in Paris, it was agreed that mobilizing stronger and more ambitious climate action by all Parties and non-Party stakeholders is urgently required if the goals of the Paris Agreement are to be achieved.

In decision 1/CP.21, the commitments from all actors are recognized, including those launched through the Lima–Paris Action Agenda, as well as the urgent need to scale up the global response to climate change and support greater ambition from governments.

At COP 22 in Marrakech, a High-Level Event on Accelerating Climate Action was held to highlight outcomes from the Action Events throughout the conference and culminated with the launching of the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action; a new framework to catalyse and support climate action.

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NAZCA = Non-State Actor Zone for Climate Action

NAZCA is a global platform that brings together the commitments to action by companies, cities, subnational regions, investors and civil society organizations to address climate change.

NAZCA was launched by the Peruvian Presidency of COP20, alongside the Lima Paris Action Agenda (LPAA) in 2014. It was a central tool for the LPAA and the French Presidency to build momentum and support the adoption of the universal climate agreement at COP21. This culminated with its inclusion in the Paris outcome where countries welcome the efforts of these actors to scale up their climate actions and encourages the registration of these actions on NAZCA. As such, NAZCA will continue to play a key role in providing visibility and tracking the diversity of climate action and mobilizing broader engagement to help countries achieve and exceed their national commitments.

Data partners

Information relating to the commitments recorded on this website has been provided by our core data partners: CDP, carbonn Climate Registry, The Climate Group, the Investors on Climate Change, the UN Global Compact, the Covenant of Mayors, the Climate Bonds Initiative and the UNEP Climate Initiatives Platform.

These partners have been selected due to an established track record of data management and assessment and due to the fact that they can track commitments over time to ensure progress.

PivotGoals and Winston Eco-Strategies also acted as a data resource for the initial launch.

Additional data partners will be sought throughout the year. Please contact us for more information.

Please be aware that not every commitment reported to our data partners is currently captured on this website. For a full breakdown of all actions reported to them, visit their websites directly.

Registering your commitment to action

Any entity wishing to have their data featured on the NAZCA portal can do so by selecting the 'Register your commitment' button on the homepage.

Notes on this website

This website is a 'living' showcase, which will evolve as more commitments to action are added over time. If you have a commitment that has not been included or you would like to recommend an additional data source, please 'register your commitment' via one of our core data partners.

This website has been optimized to work on all modern browsers, including Internet Explorer 9 and above.

This website uses a number of terms and categories in order to make your browsing journey as easy as possible. In particular, every commitment listed on this website has been tagged with one or more of ten possible themes.

To help to contextualize the commitments to action that are featured on NAZCA, the homepage includes a Features section. This section includes links to external sources, which offer insights on the data.

The boundaries and names shown on this website do not imply any official endorsement or affiliation. They simply act as aids to enhance your experience.

When you are browsing the data, you may find that certain commitments are counted more than once if they are tagged with two or more categories. However, the figure denoting 'total commitments to action' on the homepage does not count individual commitments more than once.


If you have any further questions regarding this website, please take a moment to read our 'Frequently asked questions' (below), or contact: