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The location used to identify stakeholders in our maps is based on information available from our partners' data and reliable public sources. While we endeavor to ensure this information is as accurate as possible, no warranty whatsoever is provided for the accuracy of this information.
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We are tracking actions at the Global Climate Action Summit, 12-14 September →

We are currently processing climate actions - more will be added to the site soon
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News & publications


2017 Yearbook of Climate Action

The Yearbook captures the climate actions of businesses, investors, cities, regions and civil society, demonstrating that non-Party stakeholders are steadily progressing to achieve the central goal of the Paris Agreement.

Raising Global Climate Ambition

Aggregate impact of the Global Covenant of Mayors for climate & energy

ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability, 2017

Boosting subnational climate action through new climate governance.

Global States and Regions Annual Disclosure – 2017 update

How over 100 states and regions are acting on climate change

Tracking Climate Progress - 2017

CDP’s second annual analysis in the ‘Tracking corporate action on climate change’ series shows that companies are stepping up their response to climate change, setting more ambitious targets to drive longer-term progress towards their low-carbon future.

CDP Global Water Report - 2017

An increasing number of companies are waking up to the importance of water security, and CDP's 2017 Global Water Report shows a 193% increase in businesses leading the way on water stewardship.

CDP Global Forest Report - 2017

CDP’s 2017 Global Forests Report makes a clear business case for investor action, highlighting the material risks that come from deforestation, and the opportunities emerging for those acting against it.

CDP Global Supply Chain Report - 2017

Explore how purchasers and suppliers are working together to improve sustainability across global supply chains and taking advantage of low-carbon opportunities

CDP Europe Natural Capital Report - 2017

CDP’s first ever pan-European natural report finds the continent’s major companies driving global progress towards a low carbon, water-secure and deforestation-free world – yet a growing divide is emerging between leaders and laggards.


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